Tuesday, February 11, 2014



no matter what it always happens. do the right thing, get screwed. do the wrong thing, get screwed. no matter what it's always our fault. WHY? nad it's not like anyone ever gives a shit that we're hurt, ya know? doesn't matter what. it's our fault. i can't make ANYTHING better! i can't fix ANYTHING! i can't get anything RIGHT! i'm just so tired of trying. so tired of feeling like i gotta rip myself apart just because somebody else isn't happy.

it's not fair. it sucks and i'm tired of it. i don't want to beat my head against a wall i'm never gonna get thru, ya know?

when she told marisa that she liked hearing about 'the girls' (us) she never stopped to think that maybe we don't want her knowing. you hurt me you lose me. especially when you pull that 'this is how it's really your fault' shit.

i'm tired tired tired tired tired tired tired tired