Friday, February 7, 2014

*yawns* rain rain go away


these are the days when i really really wish we could quit smoking. refuse to smoke indoors because of the kids and we have nowhere to smoke that's sheltered from rain. oh well... maybe it'll kick start us to trying again.

having one of those days (well a couple actually) where the ugly side of people just amazes me in its depth. it also amazes me how quickly i can fall into taking it upon myself to tell them how low they are.

for someone who so firmly believes in showing love to others, it's pretty disappointing to see myself get pissy with others. don't think i get the same relieved satisfaction out of merciless venting that stephanie does. then again, i'm not as good at it. seems the best way to deal with stupidity is to walk away silently or to delete it without comment.

we talked this morning too, about not feeling the need to 'hide' within our own diary. we are only vulnerable if we choose to be and we are more than capable of shielding anyone inside who needs it.

there is an update on the family saga, but we need to sort it out before we write about it. short version being that it seems mama may have now realized that she's lost her son and that the reason was a stupid one, so... i don't know. we'll see.