Tuesday, March 25, 2014



Most of you who have known us for even a short time probably know our feelings about people who randomly note for the single purpose of drawing attention to their diaries. There is a little girl on FOD who is making custom dolls. A nice thing to do for people. She is making the offer through random noting.

Don't get me started on those who are too full off themselves to bother reading the entries they note. However, we have our own and several of you can vouch for the fact that they are not simply cut and paste dolls because you were there while we obsessed over getting them done.

This young lady seems to have difficulty not only having respect and courtesy for others, she is also apparently psychic, since without knowing any of us, she can divine that we must have lied about drawing the dolls and made a point of saying so in her own diary. This is the note she left us: okie...looked at it...and the only dolls i saw were the ones on the front page...and they weren't drawn by you because if i wanted to, i could make the exact same picture just by looking at it.

First let me extend a challenge. Young lady you are more than welcome to prove your statement. Personally I would love to see you come up with an exact, down to the last detail replica of the dolls that represent the Crew. The only ones that you could possibly copy with simple cut and paste on dollmaker sites would be those representing Levia and Samantha. Each of the other dolls were done individually with even the eye color and skin tone drawn pixel by pixel, then grouped in a separate file. Short of printing then scanning that picture, there is no possible way for you to do what you claim.

Arrogance only works if you can back it up with action, Deary. Give it your best shot.