Monday, March 24, 2014

mission accomplished!


after a 5 hour hunt and an hour and a half stuck in the heat after witnessing an accident yesterday... almost half a tank of gas and only $2.78 over the limit charlie set (all he knew was it was an early b-day gift for him) he is now the 'daddy' to an 8 week old, not even 2 lb., chihuahua/poodle puppy. hard to explain, well in a short entry anyway, but this was a *need* for charlie and one he would not have allowed himself to fill. he's not been without a lap baby since he was a kid and when we lost the yorkies all in one year it was a big blow for him.

anyway, he's (the puppy) all tuckered out from excitement and sound asleep snuggled in charlie's arms and every adult in the house is a weepy gushy mess. little does this teeny guy know how much we all needed him right now.

now to get myself back out of the house long enough to settle the littles who are about to explode with excitement. won't even try to describe the drive home.