Wednesday, March 26, 2014

mother hen or cracked egg?


nancy has officially gone kazoo.

nancy and samantha are inside helpers. they have both come forward enough to speak but have never taken executive control. levia has on two occasions but generally stays inside...

samantha does not deal with emotion at all. she's information only. levia has grown to become sort of a governess to the littles and middles. in no way is she cold, but she makes sure community rules are followed and is more businesslike in her approach to things. nancy's job is to nurture. she cuddles, protects, consoles and reassures. as each newly awakened little begins to come forward, nancy is the one who is on 24/7 duty to meet their needs. the 3 of them together, sort of do what i do in 3D life as mother to 5 kids.

the one thing that really sets nancy apart from levia and samantha is her emotions. because she doesn't come out, she has sort of a direct link to me where her feelings are concerned. thanks to nancy, (don't ask!) this past year, i physically experienced *every* annoying, physical symptom of pregnancy, short of labor, without actually being pregnant! in short (too late), if she feels it, so do i.

why do i bring this up? well... it all started when buddy came home.

when the kids play with him, i half expect to find myself saying 'be careful of the soft spot!' (don't think puppies have one...) or 'support his head!' (which he doesn't need...) and it's not exactly frustrating, but more along the lines of embarrassing. it's not even as if anyone on the *outside* knows that this cross over occurs (except maybe charlie) but i feel completely ridiculous. there will be no peace until we've 'baby-proofed' the house!

we 'misplaced' buddy earlier. well, we went upstairs for a bit while he played downstairs with sadie, trish's dog. after about half an hour nancy is asking where the 'baby' is. that began a frantic search around the house with visions of dead puppy running thru my head. he'd just found a corner to nap in, but now i'm hearing that i should have known better than to leave a baby unsupervised. harley was downstairs. that's not unsupervised, but as far as nancy's concerned, if he's not with charlie he's not to be out of our sight for a moment. am i not aware of all the things that such a small one can get into? he is currently wrapped in his blankie, napping on my lap and we just shushed john because the 'baby' is sleeping.

okay, i DO after all have 5 kids of my own. yes, i know this is the time of year when all of the kids were born. yes, i know, this is the time of year when we made the painful decision to get my tubes tied, because my body cannot handle another pregnancy. yes, i know that this is the time of year when baby fever generally sets in. it's also the time of year when we've dealt with several life-threatening crises with the children. *some* paranoia is more or less expected, but i'm thinking nancy needs to back off before i find myself buying a snuggly baby carrier for the puppy! she's already tried convincing me that the antique doll cradle would make the 'perfect bed' for him. it's just the right size and we wouldn't have to worry about him falling off the bed and breaking a leg. if she tries talking me into a stroller or clothes for him I'M COMMITTING MYSELF!

i'm thinking we need to find a tranquilizer *just* for HER!

yes, my friends, mental illness CAN be funny...