Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My all time favorite Far Side cartoon


is the one that shows God in his laboratory, Earth on the counter before him and spice jars on shelves behind him labeled with with various races This was Pre-PC days. In his hand is a jar labeled JERKS. The caption reads, "And just to make it interesting".

I realize that society is fucked and that dealing with assholes is as certain as death. That does not mean I should revel in or dance for joy over the fact that I am forced to share oxygen with them.

I feel no responsibility whatsoever to enjoy sharing the planet with the self-involved prick in the Volvo who nearly sideswipes you because he's too busy talking out of his ass into his Nokia while writing memos on his Palm Pilot, when he should be paying attention to the road.

I have no consideration at all for the slovenly, mulleted nit who, while in a store, yanks her malnourished and unwashed looking child by the arm while threatening to cut her ass because she's being a typical child.

There is not the least bit of tolerance for the scum sucking trouser snake who raises dogs intended for illegal fighting, only to shoot and stab the animals who don't show a penchant for violence.

I also have no predilection for the company of vacuous minded teenyboppers who seem surprised when their shameless self-promotion and childish bullshit are not met with responses of enraptured gratitude.

Do some good in the world. Sign your organ donor cards now so there may be some hope of your eventual usefulness to humanity.




You don't say? - 10/1/2002 The diary referenced in the post entitled LIAR? was mysteriously cleared of all notes, including the one in which the diary's owner both accused us of lying and, for the second time in a single day, boasted that our hard-earned self-portrait was easily copied.

My reaction and response to this may easily have been stronger than warranted. Still, I have no regret. The person known as the Crew has been called a liar for things far less personal than this issue. The word liar was also used as a weapon in the abuse we have survived and is a guaranteed hot button. If you make the choice to point a finger at us, prepare to have it bitten off if you cannot support your accusation.

Those who know us, know truth is as valuable as breath to us. Anyone stupid enough to suggest otherwise can expect to be reamed, with relish.

Do NOT fuck with us on this one. Making you wish you had not and exposing you for your shallowness gives me an entertaining break from the harsh reality of protecting the Crew as we heal. Should you still choose to cross that line, understand that you have no concept of the depth of the well of rage into which you tap.