Thursday, March 27, 2014



kinda feel like i'm peeking out to see if the shit's stopped flying. maybe this time i won't get hit?

it's not like i don't agree with her or anything, but told her earlier (stephanie) that it'll be good when she doesn't have to be so, i dunno, harsh. it's better than it used to be but it just really sucks when even the hint of a word (liar) can make you feel so shitty and small. wish we could just ignore stupid people. marisa was teasing her about having to have the last word. think maybe she shoulda waited for stephanie to cool off some more first.

anyway, it was kinda funny earlier because amelia and stacy were like sticking out their tongues at that girl's note. and anyway, we know. that's what matters, right?

thinking about talking to dr. c tomorrow but maybe i'll just wait til we see lyn. not about this stuff or anything. and now we have to go see the regular doc. got out of doing it back in july when we lost a lot of blood and lyn thinks the iron might still be too low since we're getting real dizzy again. started before we got sick with this stupid cold, so can't blame that. dr. l is nice and all but, doctors... ugh.

gonna try to answer notes and maybe catch up on diaries some. the med we're taking for the asthma (only hits when we get sick) has ephedrine in it. we're not sleeping tonight.