Tuesday, March 25, 2014

small miracles


wrote a sweet and eloquent entry about *buddy* last night and FOD ate it. *pout* will try again...

buddy is all of six inches tall with every shade of fur from almost white to dark brown, except for his ears and his entire muzzle which are jet black. everyone in the house is head over heels about him, except for the cats who are decidedly unimpressed. but that's not the best part...

when buddy and his sister were dropped off at the shelter, they immediately had every staff member/volunteer wrapped around their tiny paws. little did we know that while harley, trish and the crew were running crazily from pet store to pet store to shelter after shelter and dealing with the hours in the heat due to an accident we witnessed... another family was having a similar adventure for the same reason. neither of us expected to find a puppy, but we also didn't know that at least one shelter worker was sending up fervent prayers that the two puppies they were calling gizmo and gremlin would be adopted at the same time or by one family so that neither would have to spend a night alone in a steel cage.

coming home saturday, the three of us were all just sagging with disappointment... i told trish that while we may never know why, there was a reason we didn't find the dog we were looking for that day. somehow i just *knew* we would find him/her the next day.

when we arrived at the shelter we knew the reason for saturday's *failure*. the main door was closed but the door to the kennels was open. harley had barely walked in the door before being face to face with the *one*.

harley: don't know if this is the right door to come in...
amanda (shelter worker): are you looking for a dog?
harley: yeah
amanda (holding buddy): how about this one?

and that was it. only moments before the other family had arrived and found his sister. they were not only adopted at the same time, we all had gushy goodbyes and left the shelter at the same time.

okay, so it's a very minor thing in the grand scheme, but these are the things that give us the greatest hope. little moments of answered prayer and small miracles. knowing that the way it all happened was no accident and that buddy was absolutely meant for our family and charlie in particular, is the kind of warm fuzzy that can carry us thru.

there's much more to share about our adventures overnight with us getting sick and buddy not realizing night time is for SLEEP but it's time to head to lyn's and get back to work. this body may not have rested this weekend, but the hearts and souls of the crew have been generously fed with love and unexpected joys.