Saturday, March 29, 2014

so it seems they wander unknowing


lost in the swirling
of the winds that rage
thru heart and soul

lost in time and space
no one sees beyond
the limits of their pain

lost in glaring blindness
brought by unspoken anquish
they walk alone so it seems

lost in a mist of tears unshed
trodden shards of broken dreams
scattered all around

lost in a darkness
filled with age old lies
with claws that tear the heart

lost and alone
in this world unchanged
unaware of the lost around them

they wander
searching for a hand
to reach thru the night
of their enchanted prison

searching for a hope
for chains to be broken
to simply be known

searching for light
to pierce the darkness
and quiet silent screams

waiting for a day
when the whipping winds
may cease

waiting for a sign
the world will not
forever tear the soul

waiting for the touch
that stops the wandering
and heals the shattered heart