Friday, March 28, 2014

stop the world, i want to get off...


appt went well. won't know about blood work til tomorrow. had to cancel with lyn. under the present circumstances, it's best. will see her monday tho.

stephanie and i *ranted* all over trish and harley after we got triggered big time. too long a story to get into... just hurts when people you love are hurting each other and themselves while you watch and you can't just *fix* it. we got pissed instead *groan*. it's okay, as much as it can be. too many things needing to be done. too many going undone. too many triggers and too little energy to keep a balance.

tomorrow we stay home and play. the children need time with mom and the littles need time with the kids so somewhere in the middle we'll try to meet.

need a day off of inside work too. tomorrow we'll just be. if the household stuff goes undone for a day, so what. it's not like it's going anywhere.