Thursday, May 29, 2014


survey we've tried to post for days... ty zen      - 10/7/2002
I see:  More clearly than ever before
I need:  Real rest
I want:  A real day off
I have:  More than I need and not as much as I want
I wish:  My house was self-cleaning
I love:  Unconditionally 
I hate:  Ignorance, especially when the person shows it with pride
I feel:  Like sleeping for days
I hear:  Children playing downstairs
I smell:  Coffee
I crave:  A snickers freezee and a cherry-limeade
I wonder:  What it would feel like to be one mind
***When was the last time you...*** 
Cried?  Not sure. I think last Sunday when we brought Buddy home
Bought something?  Yesterday. Groceries
Just danced?  Couple of days maybe
Watched your favorite movie?  Couple of weeks 
Had a nightmare?  Not sure
Last thing you had to drink:  Coffee, coffee, coffee
Last thing you ate:  Chicken and rice
***Do You...*** 
Smoke?  Yes. Too much
Do drugs?  Not anymore
Have sex?  I have 5 kids.  Take a guess.
Sleep with stuffed animals?  Yes
Live in the moment?  Try to
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?  Married
Play an instrument?  Do vocal chords count?
Read the newspaper?  Most every day. Starting with the comics
Believe in miracles?  I am a miracle
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?  Absolutely
Consider yourself tolerant of others?  Most of the time
Have a favorite candy?  Snickers
Believe in God?  Absolutely
Pray?  Not as much as I’d like to
Go to church?  Try to
Have any pets?  2 dogs, 2 cats, guinea pig, turtle, 5 striped danios, and a 14 inch pleco
Do well in school?  Sometimes 
Have a best friend?  Yes 
Like your handwriting?  Nope. None of us like our own tho we like eachothers
Favorite animal?  Hedgehog
Who is the last person you kissed?  One of the kids
Who is the last person you were involved with?  My husband
Would you go up to someone and make out with them if someone dared you to?  Only if it were Charlie
Do you like to swim?  Yes!
Would you ever go bungee-jumping?  Depends on who you ask. Most of us would say no
Do you like dressing up?  Once in a while
Would you rather be short or tall?  Neither. I would have liked to be a couple of inches taller but mostly would just like to not shrink as I get older
What is your favorite type of movie?  Tearjerkers, 4 hankie type
What's your biggest fear?  Out living one of my children
Do you like to dance?  Love to
Do you think men and women can ever just be friends with out wanting each other?  Depends on the man and woman involved
Ever been in love?  Still am
Did you ever cry over someone of the opposite sex?  Probably
Who was your first crush?  Glen Campbell (Rhinestone Cowboy)
Who's your favorite Winnie the Pooh character?  Eeyore 
What is your favorite number?  5 
What is your favorite color? Green