Friday, May 30, 2014

trying this again


wish we knew exactly how to say what we need to say here and we're honestly wondering if the email sent from our yahoo address (our preferred addy) was received.

either way... we are dealing with some very tough issues right now, we are continuing EMDR and previous conversation with you over the last few months has added to the burden (our responsibility, not yours). if you did not receive the other email, i apologize for this one, but we had asked for space and time to deal with the emotions this has brought up. we promised to contact you and intend to keep our word.

it was somewhat confusing to be asked about subjects previously off limits with you, without direct acknowledment that these things were either no longer an issue for you or something for which you were willing to take the risk.

if we're going to talk, it would be best to first clear the air and be up front about our both having been hurt. otherwise, it's just a tap dance and at this point in time, not one we have the energy to participate in.

we love you. we care deeply about you and your family. we will contact you when we are ready and able to move on. until then, God's blessings to you and your family,