Heads Up

A few things to know:
  • This is an honest account of a lifelong struggle with mental illness and the effects of long term sexual abuse. It is entirely uncensored. It can be very raw and the language quite colorful. If it is disturbing to you, please feel free not to read. I cannot in good conscience change what was written to make it easier to handle.
  • Self-injury and Eating Disorders were part of my struggles. Please be aware of your own triggers because the subjects do come up.
  • Comments are welcome and very much appreciated. While this writing is years old, everyone can stand a little validation now and then.
  • I don't expect every reader to believe in DID. I will enter into rational discussion on the topic in my other blog but will not acknowledge random trolling or baiting. 
  • The same as above can be said about my faith. Yes, I am a Christian. No I am not perfect. Deal with it. I'll answer questions and discuss it rationally but if you simply need to hate someone for believing something different from you, vent elsewhere.
  • Questions are welcome. They will be answered in companion posts in Bittersweet Gestalt, my current blog.
  • Despite confusion created, in part, by well meaning and ill-informed mental health professionals, the sexual abuse in my childhood and teen years did NOT occur within my family. Ever.
  • This is me. No apologies.